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Vintage with hat

December 2016

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Vintage with hat

It is summer here - hot humid weather and thunderstorms. Soon our sidewalk, which is crumbling away will be replaced, as will the front step to the house - all thanks to a tax refund from John's relocation package.

I want to be upbeat, but I am not. Applying to jobs (10 the week before last) and no call backs.
I am beginning to think that I am an idiot who has nothing of value for anyone. I am so fucking tired, constantly having to try to sell myself which is something unnatural to me. I am about ready to give up except that I don't even know what that means out here. Christ, a receptionist position with a fucking smile painted on my face and a vacant expression in my eyes?

I haven't done any genealogy because I am trying to focus on finding a job. I haven't the brain power to do any calligraphy right now, I can't seem to focus.

So, that is the news on this front in Baltimore. I am too tired to even expressing my frustation in further detail.  


I sympathize completely. I am also feeling like I have no real value in the workplace, and I find it very difficult to sell myself. I had a phone interview yesterday (the first nibble I've gotten since December), and I think it went fairly well, but I know I talked too much in answer to some questions out of nervousness. The up side is I should not have to wait long to find out, as the recruiter said they will decide early next week whether to set up a face-to-face interview.