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I have an interview tomorrow with an international organization - the office is in DC, but they are headquartered in Salzburg. The interview is via Skype. A good friend suggested that I practiced a little talking into my computer - make sure I don't use my hands and cover my face, make sure I look at the camera so they can see my eyes, that sort of thing.
So I took that one further and taped a little of me answering a possible question.
HOLY CHRIST!!! I look so fucking weird when I talk! Is that really how I look??? What are my lips doing??
Ok, I stopped watching- I couldn't concentrate. I was looking at the camera and most of my hand movements were small and not disruptive. I just can't watch myself talk one second more!
Who the fuck was that woman!???
That was just disturbing.

I am glad the interview I have on Thursday is in person. A bit easier for me to get ready for. It is also in DC.

So, either way, it means a commute. The train is doable.
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