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Vintage with hat

December 2016

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Vintage with hat


A quick update on the job front.
I started working as a temp in John's office on Friday. Folks are nice and they are being accomodating , knowing that I had a few interviews for something permanent. I didn't like doing the drug test the temp agency required - Really really really pisses me off, in fact. But, a job is a job, right? And I have to admit, i am getting paid more than I ever got at the UW.
I wouldn't want to work their permanently, though. Several folks think I should, but working at the same place as a spouse can get a little weird. It is one thing if the organization is large, but the B'more office of Philips is not that large. AND I am working directly under John's bosses. No, for many reasons, I don't want to be there permanently. In face, it seems strange to me that some folks would think this would be a good thing. Hell, if nothing else, it is good to have a break - what if you had a raging argument - sometimes going to seperate places of work and having an 8 hour break can help calm things down...

I think the Skype interview went well. I hope. She did say, after I asked some questions that also led into her questions, that it was the most efficient interview she has evern given. I might hear this week if they want to see me for a second interview - in DC. It sounds like an interesting organization and I like the fact that the person who has my job now is staying with the organization. (If I didn't say earlier, it is The Salzburg Global Seminar, http://www.salzburgglobal.org  The job is an admin assitant in the office of the President.)

The in-person interview I had in DC went well. It was for the DAR, their development office - working with donors. The folks who interviewed me are very enthused about working at the DAR - which is a bit of a new one for me - morale at the UW has been low for so long, I can't even imagine anymore what enthusiam for work would be like. I got a call this afternoon on voice mail (I didn't realize I had my ringer turned off) and they want to see if I am still interested - they said in the interview that they were going to bring a couple folks back in for a second interview with a look at some skills - so I assume that is what the call will be about. I will find out in the morning.

If I had the choice between the two? Probably the Salzburg job because that would mean a couple of trips to Salzburg a year. But really, I like both very much. And I don't want to jinx anything. 


Good luck! They both sound promising.