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Vintage with hat

December 2016

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Vintage with hat


I really hate writing resumes. I think part of it is that I find it hard to sell myself.
And, if I am at a point where work isn't going well, I take so much of that upon myself and find it doubly hard to sell myself.
I am working on a summary for LinkedIn - I looked at several friends' summaries to see how they have approached it.
And I still want to say "Fucked if I know".
Seriously. I don't even fucking know what I am looking for. And as to my good qualities, I doubt myself right now too much.

How about, I am looking for a position that allows me to be curious and where we all support one another? Vague, right?

And I am trying to be mindful that I want to attract the right sort of jobs, so I don't necessarily want to say I am a very qualified receptionist when I don't want that job.

And part of the problem is that I see it all as Bullshit. Capital "B" Bullshit.
How the fuck can I turn off the snark in my own head??

Sorry, I just had to get this off my chest.
The problem with having no friends in B'more is that I have no one to rant to.

On a more pleasant note - I am totally in love with Radiohead's latest - A Moon Shaped Pool. Such fabulous music!


I have worked on so many job-hunting and career-development guides that I can chant all of the facile advice by rote at this point. Ugh. So much Bullshit. So many self-appointed experts making up hoops for people to jump through that do nothing to increase an applicant's chances.

Your description of a position that allows curiosity and encourages support is a perfect articulation of what you're looking for--something that might not work on a resume but could be perfect in an interview. It's a company culture request rather than a task list. Even more important, it articulates to YOU what you want, so you can filter out jobs that will be nothing but a paycheck and self-loathing. Knowing this kind of thing is leveling up in the job search.

It doesn't make the whole process any less sucky because job searching is hellish, period. But I think you can trust yourself, and I hope it helps you find a better position!
I haven't logged into LJ for several weeks, so I'm replying to this very late. It took me a couple of years to find a job that I could stand. I told myself to be patient. When people asked me what I was looking for, I also had a difficult time articulating the type of job I wanted. I told people I was less concerned with the specific job than with the organization. I have worn many hats over the years and can do (or learn to do) many different things. I was seeking a company culture that is a good fit for my personality. Like Caoilfhionn said, focus on a company culture search rather than a job search. You are an administrative support professional, with extensive experience in the governmental and nonprofit sectors, looking for an organization that is a good fit for your skillset and personality.