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Oh, for fuck's sake! Save me from Saint Fucking Bernie!!
And this is from intelligent people, friends, not "Bernie Bros"...
Only Bernie can save us! Only Bernie is incorruptible.
I am sorry, but I have to get this off my chest, and what is a blog good for if for not recording one's feelings, eh? I think only three of you might read it, maybe four. I don't feel comfortable posting something like this on FB.

It isn't like I dislike Sanders - I have always thought him a very important voice in the Senate. I was interested when I heard he was going to make his run. I didn't invest a lot of emotion for the primaries - I saw that it was coming down to Trump or Cruz on the Republican side, and I was honestly pleased to be able to support Sanders or Clinton, or even O'Malley. I saved my energy for the general election.
And it isn't like I dislike idealists. I always considered myself an idealist. My very favorite memory of my time in politics was on the Platform Committee of the Young Democrats of America Reform Convention (which is a story in itself). I was a member of the committee that worked on the 'social' section of the platform - education, civil rights...we added sections in there for the fight against AIDS - I stayed up all night with another member of the committee working on it, then typing it in the morning, presenting to the committee and then to the Convention. I was very proud of that document.
You can go wild with the platform. Not everything will be enacted, but it is a way to make a statement - a way to influence the movement, inch by inch, in increments.
Anyway, as the primary went on, I was discomforted by some of the Sander's campaign's decision and by some of Sander's supporters. I ended up voting for Hillary in the Maryland primary.

So here we are.
And I am so very sick of reading how shoddily Bernie has been treated and how we should be bending backwards for him.
So, allow me:
Bernie was not a Democrat until recently. Why the fuck would a party want an outsider to come in and use their resources when they have some good choices themselves? A political party relies on loyalty and someone coming in on his white horse, saying he is The One doesn't necessarily spell loyalty. Why would they welcome him with open arms?
I am not saying that the DNC didn't handle things properly. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was an embarrassment who should have been fired a while ago. And the folks who had emails to disclose by wikileaks were just idiots.

I don't understand this urge to believe in this sort of messianic belief in one true politician. Only Sanders understands the people (Um, they do know he has two houses, right? He is a Senator, after all...) (oh, dear god, Dean got to yell at the Convention. I hope he feels better now)
I suppose I understand it with younger people, who haven't had their hearts broken by heroes, but the middle aged, as is some of my friends? I may be an idealist, but I know that the world doesn't work that way. Politics sure as shit don't work that way. Shit, what would they do the first time Bernie had to compromise on a big item? Some of his supporters are losing their shit because he endorsed Clinton! What did they think he was going to do at the convention? What more did they think he could demand? Are they really that, um, I can think of no other word, naive?
I read an article today talking about why loyalty is stressed in political parties. Collective action requires discipline and loyalty. Sanders does understand that. As a Socialists, he better understand collective active! I think his Campaign understands that as well. But, there is a pocket of supporters that didn't get the memo. And, they risk the 'revolution' they so dearly want. They risk Trump. (and talk about privilege - those who claim they don't care if Trump wins over Clinton - don't get me started)

I don't think Hillary is perfect, by any means. I didn't support her last time - mainly because of the War. I WANTED to support her, but her views were too hawkish for me at the time. But I respect her and I do like her, a lot. i was so excited when she decided to run for Senate! I loved her as a First Lady - bake cookies? Really? LOL

(Ah, here is Bill. I do love to watch him politic when he is 'on'. There is nobody better and he does love it so very much. I don't necessarily agree with him, but I still appreciate watching him.)
Oh good god, what is the music video???!!! Well, at least they seem to enjoy themselves. And Alan Cummins has a cute dog.

I still have a bit of rant in me, but I am getting tired and 4 am is very early. Maybe more later.
I don't know if this is very coherent, but I feel better for getting this much out.
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